TLC ran a documentary called The Secret Santa, which investigated the mysterious miraculous gifts that showed up in random people's doorsteps, thus making it into a sentimental Christmas movie.

The two-hour film which aired on December 14th followed the trail of a mystery figure associated with a string of Christmas miracles across the country, and featured first-person accounts and extraordinary home videos that will make you wonder if Santa Claus real.

A Phoenix reporter's investigation on such random acts of kindness, led her to a man called Lucas A Nast.

Nast has a strong resemblance to Santa Claus with white hair and beard, and a jolly smile. He worked for the post office's 'Letters to Santa' programme, reported

However, it appeared that Nast was actually granting Christmas miracles across the country, in whichever state he happened to be that year.

Going by the documentary, all of America actually wants to believe that Santa is for real and that Lucas A Nast is wandering the country doing good deeds.

Christmas 2014 The Secret Santa
Lucas A Nast worked for the post office\'s \'Letters to Santa\' programme. Variety

Sadly, it appears that The Secret Santa is just another faux-documentary like Mermaids, which fooled many viewers into believing that mermaids were real.

One writer from Variety said that the fake documentary should land TLC on the "naughty list."

NY Daily News called it a heartwarming holiday tale with no bad guys, but it also said that, "the mockumentary framing does slow the story at times, without adding enough new dimension to fully compensate."

However, it seems that a lot of people were fooled into believing Lucas A Nast was real, and social media is filled with tweets asking if the #SecretSanta story is real.

Here are a few tweets: