Following the release of the CIA torture report, several militant-affiliated social media accounts have been trying to shift attention towards Islamic State (Isis) news.

While US embassies and military staff were cautioned against aggressive retaliation that was expected to follow after the release of the torture report, reactions so far appear to be otherwise.

Since the release of the report, several social media users have been posting videos and photos to depict the progress of the IS militants' war against the West.

Some users, however, condemned both the US and the countries supporting the US-led coalition against IS.

It would be wrong to assume that IS militants have forgotten the Guantanamo Bay abuse despite their attempts to play down the release of the torture report. The militant group's practice of dressing its Western hostages in orange jumpsuits similar to the ones worn at the Guantanamo Bay prison highlights the damage done by the brutal interrogation techniques used by the CIA.

Meanwhile, Muslim scholars and critics criticised the US as hypocritical following the release of the report.