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The "Civilization VII" release date is probably one of the most highly gaming events for strategy fans. It has been six years since the current "Civ 6" was released in 2016, and fans are understandably getting more concerned when Firaxis Games will launch its sequel.

While neither Firaxis Games nor 2K Games have made any confirmation about "Civilization 7," there are several hints that suggest the game is already in production. Meanwhile, fans have been busy speculating when new content the new game could bring, including gameplay changes, new civilizations, and new leaders.

These new leaders could be introduced in 'Civilization7'

The basic structure of Sid Meier's Civilization has not changed despite numerous changes brought by newer games throughout the years. The well-known turn-based strategy game combines open-ended gameplay, dark humour, and history.

The results can be bizarre because civilizations frequently last far longer than they did historically and eventually gain access to technology not present in their time. Sometimes, leaders who lived hundreds or even thousands of years apart can interact in the game. For example, the Sumerians could commence a nuclear conflict against India led by Gandhi. This mixing and matching of historical periods may be disorienting and immersion-breaking for some, but for many players, it all adds to the pleasure of its gameplay.

Each civilization has a playable historical figure who serves as the "leader." While the gameplay may not always be faithful to that person's actual achievements, it frequently draws gameplay inspiration from them.

For the British, this typically involved a monarch or queen. " The British could be led by a variety of historical personalities in Civilization VII, though and are a few of the potential candidates, according to GameRant.

Winston Churchill

Britain has had many well-known monarchs, but not all of its great leaders have been kings or queens. Some of them held public office. Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who played a significant role in British politics during both World Wars and the beginning of the Cold War, is the most well-known of these and is certainly one of the potential new leaders in "Civilization 7."

Charles II

Many people started to question whether getting rid of Charles I was really such a good idea after Oliver Cromwell's attempts at a king-free England were met with such bad reception. Charles II's reign began after Cromwell's reforms were abandoned in favour of a full-fledged monarchy restoration after his death, which ironically reinstated the son of the man Cromwell had overthrown. Charles II was probably not the greatest monarch Britain had ever seen, but at the time, he seemed to many to be a huge improvement over his predecessor.

Henry VIII

One of the most famous British kings in history is likely Henry VIII. He is well recognized, and his exploits have frequently been portrayed. The most infamous tale involves how he had six different wives, two of whom he murdered, all to produce a male child. He is also well known for his efforts to make Protestantism the official religion of England, mostly to support the divorce of his first wife. According to GameRant, "his interest in religion could certainly be a source of inspiration" and can easily be incorporated into the "Civ 7" gameplay.

Henry V

Shakespeare's portrayal of Henry V, which had a significant impact on succeeding representations, popularized the tale of England's "warrior king." Henry V's main claim to fame was beginning a brutal military war against France. Despite the spread of sickness and his own troops drowning in mud, he could take control of most of it.