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Cold Feet returns with series six in September ITV

Favourite British comedy-drama of the 90s, Cold Feet, is returning to our screens after a long 13 years. Fans were devastated when James Nesbitt and co threw in the towels, but can now rejoice as a brand new and exciting series makes a welcome comeback to ITV. Hurrah!

Written and created by Mike Bullen, the new storylines reflect the beloved show's original nature by exploring the vicissitudes of romance – just a decade (and a bit) down the line.

We'll see the gang reunite when Adam (Nesbitt) returns to Manchester after years of working overseas.

IBTimes UK went along to the press screening earlier this month and we can promise you it's an absolute belter – though we can't give out too much information as of yet.

Viewers will be treated to a newcomer in the form of Adam's son, 15-year-old Matthew (Ceallach Spellman) who attends boarding school while his father travels the world for business.

After the death of his mother, Rachel (Helen Baxendale), Matthew turned to his godmother Karen (Hermione Norris) for guidance and appears a well-turned out yet emotionally sensitive young man. Baxendale is the only non-returning original cast member, her character having being killed in a car crash at the end of the previous series.

Adam was last seen coming to terms with his wife's death, but as leaked pictures of Cold Feet filming saw him in a car adorned with Just Married beer cans trailing onto the road, perhaps one cast member has a new romance on the horizon. Could it be Adam? We'll have to wait and see.

The sixth season will tackle the taboo subject of male depression – reflecting writer Bullen's experience with the mental disorder when the comedy came to an end in 2003 after five seasons – inspiring him to explore the concept in the new scripts.

He said: "I'd be asked to write something, I'd deliver it and then I'd get these disappointed responses from TV companies saying, 'But this isn't 'Cold Feet is it?' I went through a depression. I couldn't get off my couch."

It also looks into troubled marriages and the idea that things are not what they seem on the outside. Cracks appear in young Matthew's life with Pete (John Thomson) and wife Jenny (Fay Ripley) not enjoying the best of times financially.

Struggling to make ends meet, Pete is juggling two jobs – being a cabbie and helping out in old peoples' homes – and Jenny is working in events management.

Pete is approaching 50, in debt and exhausted, so there is much elation – from Adam, as well as viewers – when his old pal picks him up from the airport in his cab. Oh, and there's a great reference to Nesbitt's fuller hairdo.

Die-hard Cold Feet fans are pleased:

Get ready to unite with Adam and co after many a year as Cold Feet returns on September 5 at 9pm.

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James Nesbitt returns for the sixth series of Cold Feet Getty Images