A US college has closed a provocative exhibition on race to the public after deeming it could be "potentially disturbing".

Only those with college IDs and invited guests will be able to attend the "Rewind" exhibition at Pennyslvania's York College, which controversially includes robes of the white supremacist group the KKK and images of lynchings.

The show opened on 31 August and comprises of handmade objects, video, photographs, sound art, original music compositions, and historical artefacts and documentation.

The York College Galleries website said it aims to offer "a layered, multi-sensory investigation of human rights issues and basic human emotions".

In a statement, York College said: "The images, while powerful, are very provocative and potentially disturbing to some. This is especially the case without the benefit of an understanding of the intended educational context of the exhibit.

"As a result, the College has limited attendance to the exhibit to campus community possessing York College IDs and to invited guests."

The show's opening came just weeks after violent clashes between white supremacists and protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia which left one woman dead after a car rammed into a crowd of people.

Speaking to the Associated Press, the artist, Paul Rucker, said that closing the exhibit to the public was missing an opportunity to spark dialogue on race relations.

He added that the show had previously been shown in Ellensburg, Washington and Ferguson, Missouri - the scene of violent protests after an 18-year-old black man, Michael Brown, was shot dead by a white officer, Darren Wilson.

On social media, one user sided with Rucker, saying the decision was "sad - could have opened discussions". The show is set to stay at York College until 21 October.