Barack Obama
Barack Obama featured in the season 7 premiere of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Unlike previous episodes, the season 7 premiere of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee was entirely different. This time around, the comedian managed to get US President Barack Obama on the show.

At first, fans did wonder what the US president would do on a comedy show, but Seinfeld justified the move saying: "The president, in my opinion has just enough to qualify for this show."

In the episode, Obama is seen seated beside the comedian in a 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe and the two are driving around the White House. The 54-year-old appears at his best and says he is all for a "show about nothing". When host Jerry Seinfeld asks about his most embarrassing moment, the president replies: "This may be it."

One of the best scenes is when Obama takes to the wheels of the Classic Stingray. The commander-in-chief of the US says: "Little kids love to say my name. It is after all 'One big name – Barack Obama'."

Obama said he misses not being bound by the burden of his duty, and for that reason Teddy Roosevelt is one of his favourite past presidents. "[Roosevelt] may be the guy who might be fun to hang out with. He just does some crazy stuff. He would go up to Yellowstone Park for a month while in office. Nobody could be in touch with him. Can you imagine that? Sounds good to me," Obama says.

Seinfeld then asks the president: "Can you really sleep in here [White House], or was it like a night in the museum?" To which he replies: "The first night was."

The two men joke about mutual friend Larry David and his habit of applying too much sunscreen, so much so that it would sometimes drip from his face while playing golf. The show concludes with Obama speaking about Obamacare.

According to The Huffington Post, Seinfeld in a statement claimed that while growing up, his dream was to become an astronaut and that "doing a comedy show with President Obama in and around the White House felt like going into space".

"How did I get here? Is this really happening? The president's humour and generosity are the only reasons this was even possible," the 61-year-old said. "Being with president and just as cool a guy to hang out with... made the experience my own personal moonwalk. It was an unforgettable day."