Corinna Schumacher has written a letter to an Omagh schoolboy after his book about Ferrari adventures
Corinna Schumacher wrote to an Omagh schoolboy after being sent his book 'Ferrari Adventures' Reuters

A young boy who idolises Michael Schumacher was stunned when he got a letter from about the racing great's wife.

Corinna Schumacher wrote to Aiden Gormley, nine, about how stricken Michael is a "fighter," who will "never give up" as he recovers from devastating ski crash injuries.

Aiden came to the attention of the Schumacher family after the budding author wrote a short story called Ferrari Adventures, and then won permission from the Italian auto giant to use its name when the book was published.

The book's publisher, Emain Publications, sent a copy of Aiden's book to Corinna Schumacher and she in turned replied with a letter.

In it, she said: "I would like to thank you for your best wishes and your kind present, which help us to move forward in those difficult moments. It feels good to receive so many friendly wishes for recovery and other well-meant words. For our family it is wonderful support.

She added: "Our Michael is a fighter and he will never give up."

Reacting to the surprise letter, Aiden told the Ulster Herald: "It was unreal to get the message from Michael Schumacher's wife. He is very brave and I hope he gets well soon."

Michael Schumacher is being treated at Lausanne hospital in Switzerland, as he continues rehabilitation for head injuries which left him in a coma for six months. He has regained consciousness but faces a long road until he is fully recovered.

All of the proceeds from Ferrari Adventures will be going to charity. Aiden told Ulster Herald this was because he is "too young to be rich".