A pair of Swedish mountain climbers called upon an air ambulance and rescue team because they were suffering from tiredness.

The husband and wife, who were from the nearby village of Jokkmokk called the emergency services to report that the woman was struggling with walking and was unable to get down from the mountain.

Police responded to the distress call by dispatching an air ambulance and mountain rescue team, but when they eventually located the pair, it turned out that the woman was in fact just tired.

The couple told the air ambulance crew that they had been worn out on the mountain and wanted a lift back down to the bottom.

However, the emergency crews don't consider tiredness to be a serious threat to life so the pair were offered one of two options, either they could make their own way down or they can pay to use the helicopter instead.

The couple chose to pay the fee of 30,000 Swedish Krona (£2,800).

Police press officer Marie Andersson told local newspaper Norrbottens-Kuriren: "Mountain rescue should be for when there is a danger to life or health. That's when you should help people down, but if you have food and a roof over your head maybe it's better to wait a bit until you're feeling a bit stronger later."

Police reported that this isn't the first time that such an incident has taken place.