Britons Relished Frog Legs 8,000 Years Before French
Crawley council worker dumb-founded over frog emergency call Reuters

A council official was left stunned after a man called to report a frog for 'harassment'.

The irate resident claimed that the four-legged amphibian was waiting at the bottom of the communal stairs in his block of flats and demanded help.

Rather than trying to get rid of the frog himself, he insisted the council dispatch a pest control unit to his home in Crawley, West Sussex.

"We advised him it would probably hop off on its own, but he was adamant the frog was harassing him," a spokesman said.

Rescuing a man from a rogue frog was just one of the weird requests Crawley borough council's call centre has had to deal with recently.

Although the majority of enquiries are about council tax, refuse and recycling collections, benefit claims and housing advice, the authority has shared some of its stranger moments after ten years of dealing with everyday complaints.

It revealed it had been asked for money on several occasions, including a man who wanted cash to buy a rail ticket to get to a funeral.

Staff also received a call from a woman who said she was returning to work and wanted money to buy some nice work clothes.