Northamptonshire Police
Rusty was found mutilated in Northampton just days after the family's other cat was set on fire. Northamptonshire Police


  • Five family pets killed in similar fashion since August.
  • Linked to same suspect thought to have killed hundreds since 2015.

The so-called Croydon Cat Killer has been linked to the mutilation of five other cats in the Northampton area.

Police have previously released details of three cats who have been killed in recent months - including two belonging to the same family – with two more cats being killed in the Northampton area in the past few weeks.

In August, a family found their pet Rusty mutilated and dumped on their doorstep just days after their other cat was deliberately set on fire. The incident occurred only a few days after their other cat was found dead in the Kingsley area after being set on fire.

Police say all five of the cats were killed in a similar manner leading police to believe the same person is responsible, with one of the latest cats being dismembered and left on top of the a car in the street in Mendip Road, Northampton on 18 November.

Five days earlier on 13 November, another dismembered pet cat was discovered in Duston in Northampton.

Met Police also confirmed a cat was found decapitated in the street on Tivoli Road in Crystal Palace in south-east London. on 28 November.

Police, along with animal charity Snarl (South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty), say around 400 cats have been killed in a similar fashion since 2015, resulting in reports of the so called Croydon cat Killer.

In August, a description of the suspected killer was released by Surrey Police. The man was described as white, aged in his 40s, with short brown hair, between 5'8" and 5'11" tall, of average build, and possibly with facial acne scarring.

It is believed he was dressed in dark clothing, sometimes carrying a torch or wearing a headlamp, and has been seen trying to coax cats with a toy, food, and "kissing noises".