CyanogenMod might be targetted for acquisition by several technology majors like Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon, and Yahoo, according to a report from PhoneArena.

Why would these companies be interested in CyanogenMod? Because they all have something in common, which is to develop their own version of Android that is different from Google offers.

For instance, Amazon has been using its own FireOS, a rather twisted version of Android. Samsung has been trying many different things in the mobile OS space, including its homegrown Tizen, which isn't expected to get very popular.

And Microsoft, a company that has been desperately trying to win market share in the mobile OS space, could seriously use the boost that CyanogenMod could offer it. The company could repack the ROM with their own services instead of the ones offered by Google.

In fact, any company that considers itself as a strong rival of Google might want to consider purchasing CyanogenMod, who have as 12 million active installs across a variety of devices.

Last year, the company received $30 million from various venture firms. And now, Cyanogen apparently has plans to raise a "Series C" round of funding sometime during the near future. Owing to this, many of the aforementioned companies might have already seen the software as potential alternative to Android in coming years.

And before any of you Cyanogen loyalists get upset, one should take this news with a grain of salt since it is all just speculation. However, we cannot rule out the fact that CyanogenMod will have a strong impact on the future of smartphones in coming years.