Dark Souls 3
The Estus Shards and Undead Bone Shards are the most coveted upgrade items you can find across all of Lothric. FromSoftware

The Dark Souls series has always been full to the bloody brim with abhorrent monsters eager to slice and maul you, and Dark Souls 3 – released in the UK and US for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 12 April - is bled of the same leaky veins.

Through all the terror and punishment, the trusty Estus Flask has remained the main source of health recovery, with a well-timed swig in a frantic boss-battle often deciding the balance between achieving victory and becoming closely acquainted with the preceding bonfire.

While the Estus Flask and its focus points-restoring Ashen counterpart share a low starting count, rare Estus Shards increase the number of flasks at your disposal, while Undead Bone Shards increase their potency and total health replenishment.

Below, IBTimes UK has compiled a detailed list of the locations (including late-game spoilers) of every Estus Shard and Undead Bone Shard in Dark Souls 3. First, let's take a look at how you use them...

Dark Souls 3: How to upgrade your Estus Flasks and Trophy / Achievements

There are 11 Estus Shards and 10 Undead Bone Shards scattered throughout Dark Souls 3's derelict bastilles and shallow caves. Players who manage to complete the game and start New Game + will notice the Shards respawn due to the increased difficulty.

To increase your flask count you will need to give the Estus Shards to Andre the Blacksmith in the Firelink Shrine, the Undead Bone Shards on the other hand will need to be burned in the Shrine's central bonfire. Handing over all 11 Estus Shards to Andre will also award you with the Trophy/Achievement 'Ultimate Estus', while collecting the 10 Bone Shards nets 'Ultimate Bonfire'.

Dark Souls 3: Estus Shard full location list

Dark Souls 3 Firelink Shrine Fire Keeper
Burn the Undead Bone Shards at the Firelink Shrine's central bonfire. FromSoftware

Dark Souls 3: Undead Bone Shard full location list

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