Suri Cruise, the 11-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, is said to be missing her father. Suri has reportedly reached out to the Mission: Impossible star in a bid to get in touch with him.

HollywoodLife has cited a Star magazine report, which claims that the teenager has "begged" her father to come and visit her and even asked, "if she'd done something to make him stay away" for four years.

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"Suri still loves her dad," a source told the magazine. "Of course she wants to be with him!"

"Her sentiments were short but full of emotion," the source said. "She asked if she'd done something to make him stay away, and then begged him to come and visit!"

According to the report from the magazine, Suri is not buying into the excuses her mother is making for her father not visiting her when she knows he has been spending time with his other children from marriage to Nicole Kidman.

"She's a smart cookie and knows that Tom hangs out with his older children, Connor and Isabella [from his marriage to Nicole Kidman]," the source said.

The report goes on to say that Tom, who is said to be a believer in Scientology, "may be considering asking the church to make an exception and let him have a face-to-face visit with his little girl soon."

"Of course Suri needs and misses her dad. But she's growing up fast," the source said. "If Tom doesn't want to lose her forever, he's got to make a move!"

It was earlier reported that Holmes is "disappointed" with Tom for ignoring his dad duties.

"Katie has grown so tired, disappointed, and frustrated with Tom's absence as a father," a source told the HollywoodLife. "She has made peace with his lifestyle, work and spiritual choices, and has decided to do her best to parent Suri on her own."

"Tom does not make time for Suri and she has learned to deal with not having her father around," the source continued. "As Suri matures into a young girl, she is learning more about who her father is in the world and about his busy lifestyle as a mega-star actor. But that does not make things any easier for the child."