The effigies of Prime Minister David Cameron and the former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson were among the many victims of the Lewes bonfire and firework display on Thursday evening (5 November). The figures were carried through the Lewes streets in the annual bonfire parade in the East Sussex town and then taken to be burned with others, including suspended Fifa boss Sepp Blatter.

The video shot by @samrloughran on Twitter, shows Cameron semi-naked with a pig's head sitting on a chair with "Dave + Piggy" emblazoned on the back, as well as Clarkson being carried through the streets while the crowds scream and jeer.

The processions and bonfire mark the uncovering of Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 5 November in 1605, and commemorates the memory of Lewes's 17 Protestant martyrs.