Days Of Our Lives, NBC's longest running show is on the verge of cancellation after low viewership ratings and diminishing popularity.

The 50-year-old series, which narrates the story of a family of doctors, still has a limited set of loyal viewers. It may get chopped after celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, Enstarz reports.

Rumours about the cancellation of the soap opera caught fire after the Sony e-mail leak, hinting that the show may not contain much scope beyond its mega anniversary celebration which is due in November this year.

The Sony e-mail hack also reveals that the network is hiring new writers in order to bring freshness and a new plot in the series.

A Soap Opera Network report reveals that the current writers of the show Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell, will be replaced by Dena Higley and Josh Griffith.

Almost all major characters of the show have left the series including James Scott and Alison Sweeney, who were portraying the fan favourite characters of EJ DiMera and Sami Brady.

The NBC series is also very low in fetching ratings for the network when compared to its competitors which include ABC's General Hospital and CBS' The Young And The Restless and The Bold And The Beautiful.

NBC Network, however, is yet to put out any official word about the future of the world's oldest running soap opera.