Pretty Little Liars season 6 premiere
Pretty Little Liars season 6 will premiere in summer this year on ABC Family Pretty Little Liars/Facebook

Pretty Little Liars season 6 will not premiere until June, but fans are eagerly awaiting to know more about the fate of the liars Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily and the identity of Charles DiLaurentis.

The upcoming season is likely to feature a pregnant lair and fans speculate that it could be Aria, who may have conceived Ezra's baby as the series could take a four-year leap ahead.

"I don't know. I truly, genuinely have no idea. I want to think hopefully when we do the time-jump they're trying to have babies and stuff, but we'll see," Lucy Hale told E!Online.

"I don't know if I'm allowed to say how far into the future we jump, but it's a significant amount of time. You get to see the girls...who they're dating and how they've grown up and I think as an actress, that's really exciting to play because I've been playing 17 for six years and I'm like, 'I'm almost 10 years older than that!' So it will be fun to see how she's evolved," she added.

The season 6 of the ABC Family's teen mystery thriller would take a four-year time jump as the series progresses, but the premiere episode will begin from where the season 5 finale left off.

In the PLL season 5 finale, the liars were trapped inside an electric fenced dollhouse by Charles, the 'A' and the first episode of the upcoming season will narrate their ordeal and escape story.

"We're going to do a four-year time jump and we will honour that before the end of season six. It's really exciting I can't wait to see the girls after they come back from college. It's going to be awesome," show creator Marlene King said.

"We will start next season right were we left off, with the girls trapped and they don't get out immediately," she said and added, "Season six takes place in a very condensed period of time."

In the season 5 finale episode, fans got to know that 'A' is none other than Charles and Spencer discovers a family video featuring the DiLaurentis family including twin brothers, a baby Alison and their mother in Charles's secret room.

In a recent tweet by King, she suggested that Toby would come close enough to the masked villain of Rosewood as the caption of the post reads: "Officer Toby says Game on, Charles."

Officer Toby says Game On Charles! #PLLSeasonSix June 2!

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Fans suspect that Toby and Spencer will solve the mystery of the hooded tormentor of the liars during season 6.

The official synopsis of season 6 reads: "In the sixth season of the hit drama series 'Pretty Little Liars,' the Liars solve the puzzle and unmask Charles, finally putting an end to the 'A' game. 'Pretty Little Liars' will premiere on Tuesday, June 2nd at 8 p.m."

Pretty Little Liars season 6 will premiere on 2 June on ABC Family and fans expect that they will would finally learn more about Charles.