A couple of new dedicated Cydia tweaks have emerged online, close on the heels of Saurik rolling out the Cydia 1.1.19 update that removed root for Cydia apps and replaced it with Mobile Substrate access.

Consequently, all future jailbreak tweaks will largely be based on Mobile Substrate for Cydia that will inevitably change the look and feel of Cydia.

ShareTweak for Cydia 1.1.19
Dedicated Cydia tweaks debut for Cydia 1.1.19 Cydia

One of the new tweaks known as ShareTweak enables you to share Cydia package details with fellow users, using a share button via iOS built-in share sheet. In addition, the tweak features install and remove options as part of the new interface.

Another new tweak called Codling allows users to customise the appearance of the loading HUD by blurring out the background with dark and light option that can be configured via the preference panel in the stock settings app.

With the two tweaks kick starting the change in Cydia concept, avid jailbreakers can look forward to full-fledged Cydia themes and new customisations in the future.

[Source: iDownloadBlog]