Avid iOS jailbreakers can try out a handful of interesting tweaks this week, as folks at iPhone Hacks have shortlisted some of the best Cydia tweaks available in the market.

If you are still running iOS 8 on a jailbroken device, here are a few noteworthy tweaks (both free and paid versions) that you could try:

HUDTransparent8 (Free)

This tweak allows you to enjoy full-screen HD videos without any blurred background intrusion by volume HUD, whenever you try increasing or decreasing volume while playing videos.

Download this tweak for free via BigBoss repo.

NoScrollWhenNewMessage (Free)

There seems to be an annoying issue with group conversations, which will forcibly scroll down to the bottom of the message whenever any new message is received on your handset, while you are still going through a long-list of unread messages from the past.

This free app allows you to override this default behaviour of the messaging app and you can continue to read the past messages uninterrupted even when a new message is awaiting your response in the background.

NoScrollWhenNewMessage app is available for free download via BigBoss repo.

TokeTime (Free)

Enjoy the free Snoop Dogg pictures on your home screen at specified time intervals with the TokeTime Cydia tweak. The process is completely automated and no user input is required once you have set it up.

Get this app for free via BigBoss repo.

BrighterLSMedia (Free)

As its name implies, you can brighten the skin tone of album or song labels on the Lock screen, using this tweak.

Download this useful app for free via BigBoss repo.

LockPredict (Free)

Predictive bar in the virtual keyboard can be locked and prevented from minimising, using this tiny tweak.

LockPredict is available for free download via BigBoss repo.

NoRingerHUD (Free)

This one works similar to the HUDTransparent8 and disables the ringer HUD from popping up on screen when you adjust the device volume.

This tweak is available for free download via BigBoss repo.

If you are a power user and looking for something more appealing, then you should try out the best paid apps for the week from Cydia:

AutoAnswer8 ($1.99)

It automatically answers your phone and Facetime calls from specific contacts either instantly or after a specified interval of time in seconds.

This feature could be useful for unattended video conference calls, baby monitoring, answering when driving and also automatically switching to speaker or Bluetooth when required, based on certain conditions.

Some of the salient features of this tweak are listed below:

  • Specify unlimited numbers
  • AutoAnswer private number
  • Specify call types for each number (telephony, facetime audio or video)
  • Specify whether to turn on speaker upon answering a call
  • Specify whether to connect to Bluetooth headset upon answering a call
  • Control device's camera remotely (on a FaceTime video call)
  • Hide/silence incoming call UI

AutoAnswer8 can be downloaded via BigBoss repo.

No Banner ($1.00)

This tweak blocks all incoming banner notifications when you are busy watching a video. Besides, you can specify which apps can receive banner notifications and those for which you want them blocked.

You can download this app for just $1.00 via BigBoss repo.

Syndrome ($3.99)

Unlike others listed above, this one is a custom theme that will blur out the colours on a dark background to give your homescreen a classic look.

Besides, a set of new battery theme, Wi-Fi/data themes and themed glyphs for control center make their way into the Syndrome app, which also adds custom loading screens into its arsenal.

Download this theme from myrepospace via pjstarsky's Cydia repository.

[Source: iPhone Hacks]