Degrassi's finale episode will air on 31 July on Teen Nick TeenNick

Canadian teen drama Degrassi is officially coming to an end after 14 seasons.

According to an E!Online report, the Canadian teen drama, which debuted in 2001, will conclude with a two-week finale, which will commence with an hour-long special episode on July 20. This will be followed by new episodes each day of the week, ending on 31 July with the finale.

Speaking about the show's conclusion, senior vice-president and general manager of Nicktoons, Keith Dawkins said: "For an incredible 14 seasons, Degrassi has been a groundbreaking show tackling so many important topics that real teens face in their everyday lives.

"In the final episodes on TeenNick and through the hour-long special and social activations, we hope to say goodbye in a way that is both fitting to the show and 'Degrassi's' passionate fan base," he added.

Degrassi's executive producer Stephen Stohn stated, "Few producers are as blessed as we have been, working with so many talented and creative individuals at TeenNick for 14 seasons of 'Degrassi'; including 385 episodes and over 100 pieces of original short-form web content.

"We thank all those at TeenNick who have worked so hard over the years to help us create a television series that changes with the times and continues to authentically connect and interact with the youth audience," Stohn added.

The series finale, an hour-long special episode, will air on 31 July. The episode is titled It Goes There: Degrassi's Most Talked About Moments. In the episode, fans would get to see the cast, creators and fans to talk about the best moments of the show.

Some major stars have started their career with Degrassi (renamed The Next Generation from the tenth season) including The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev and rapper Drake.

Sure enough fans would want to see Nina Dobrev and Drake return to the halls of Degrassi High for one last time, before school is out for good.

Since Dobrev has quit The Vampire Diaries, there may be a possibility of her guest appearing in the final episodes.

According to a Hollywood Life report, "There has been zero rumblings of a return and nothing has been filmed with either of them. So the chances of them returning at this point are not very likely."

In the final episodes of Degrassi, the senior class will prepare for prom and graduation as the school year comes to an end. The new principal, Ms Pill, introduces a strict new regime at Degrassi in response to the "oomfchat" scandal, and the unhappy students that vent their ire on Zoë.

In the remaining episodes, fans would see Clare and Eli on good terms and committed to raising their baby together, while Frankie and Winston decide to put on a musical production titled Caption Who, penned by Winston himself; and Zig and Maya growing closer than ever.