Festival goers in Denmark are being encouraged to donate their urine to assist in the production of beer by local farmers.

The donated bodily fluids from the Roskilde Festival, more commonly known as 'Piss For Pilsner', will be used as fertilizer for barley crops by local farmers.

Henrik Rasmussen, the Managing Director of the Roskilde Festival told The Huffington Post: "The beercycling project is certainly a fascinating proposal for a sustainable solution where urine isn't just sent down the drain, but becomes a useful resource.

"It is a project which extends beyond the festival itself and it underlines that the Roskilde Festival is a fantastic laboratory for testing new sustainable solutions that could benefit society."

The "beercyle" initiative was a brainchild of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Roskilde Festival.

The donated urine will be transformed into beer and offered for a tasting in the 2017 music festival.

While some social media users applauded the initiative, others were't too excited.