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Some mothers do have them - as one Chinese woman proved when she had to turn to the courts to force her son to get a job.

Xu Hsing, 29, who lives with his parents in Beijing, has refused to work ever since he left university because he claims it is too boring.

Instead he expects to be fed and waited on hand and foot at home.

Once his father Ku arranged for him to have a job at a friend's company - but he quit after just three months complaining it was too dull.

Xu's parents finally gave up when he moved in his girlfriend a month after meeting her online. Suffice to say she is also unemployed.

They gave him an ultimatum to find work or move out, which he refused, leaving Qing's parents no choice other than to take him to court.

The court ruled in the couple's favour saying they did not have to legally support him at the age of 29, as it was their house.

Xu and his girlfriend, however, refused to move out after being given a 60 day deadline – forcing his parents back to court to get their son and his girlfriend evicted from their home.

The case has been highlighted as an example of China's obsession with single children caused by the one-child policy, which has created a generation of "little princes" who never want to work or fend for themselves.

The case caused a reaction on the internet, with one user saying: "Having this kind of son is really pathetic. Just keep it in mind: Don't spoil kids."