A major expansion is coming to Destiny later this year, but beyond that fact we knew nothing about what it may include or when it might be released – until now, maybe. Destiny fans on Reddit have pieced together a conspiracy theory following the latest major update, that might point towards a 20 September release.

On Tuesday (12 April), shortly after the free April update for Destiny was released, a Reddit user called RezylAzzir posted something they had found in the new content. The post has since been deleted, as has the user account. What they found was a new Dead Ghost – an item that unlocks a Grimoire card, which expands a little bit of the game's sci-fi lore.

The problem (via Kotaku's initial report) is that the post was made just 17 minutes after the update went live, meaning it was basically impossible for the poster to have made the discovery given the Dead Ghost was found in a new mode added to the Prison of Elders co-op mode.

Reddit user AirEchoDragon raised this point, asking: "How did you download the update, beat prison of elders, and find a dead ghost so fast?" Another user, Landonkey, added: "The update went live at approximately 10:20 AM Pacific. This post was created at 10:37 AM Pacific. So, this person managed to download the update, run a full Prison of Elders, find the ghost, and make a post on this sub in about 17 minutes? That seems impossible."

Another user, called TheDoctorCE, discovered that the RezylAzzir Reddit user had made another post, which had also been deleted, in the original thread, which said (in Latin): "Vegisima die mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra." The post is still viewable on UnReddit, which shows deleted comments.

Translated, the phrase reads: "The twentieth day of the ninth month. It is about to come. Through boldness to the stars." The third portion of the statement has been a common marketing slogan of Bungie's, even in its Latin form.

This has led to the belief that 20 September is the release date of the next expansion. The popular theory, and the easiest conclusion to reach, is that the post was made from someone at Bungie with knowledge of the Dead Ghost and access to the update's contents before release. The theory is that they then attempted to gently tease the release date, but it went south.

We'll find out when Bungie announce details of the expansion in due course.

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