Queen Elizabeth II was very confident about her intention to make her eldest daughter-in-law Duchess Camilla the next Queen Consort, and did not even seek the British Prime Minister's approval before announcing her decision.

According to a report in Mail Online, constitutional experts have expressed astonishment that the monarch chose not to consult PM Boris Johnson over her decision. Sources from Buckingham Palace and N10 said the PM played no part in making the decision, though Downing Street was "made aware" of the announcement that was made on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Palace officials clarified that the British royal family would have needed the government's official approval only if a change in the law was required to make Camilla the Queen Consort. On the contrary, a law change would have been needed if the palace had stuck with their previous decision of styling the Duchess of Cornwall as Princess Consort when her husband Prince Charles becomes King of the United Kingdom.

However, royal experts were still surprised with the palace's decision not to consult the Prime Minister, who is currently facing a huge scandal over parties held at N10 during COVID-19 restrictions. Dr. Bob Morris of University College London said, "We thought they would need to at least square it off with the Government."

A royal historian had previously explained that Camilla was likely to be styled as the Queen Consort, because to change the title of the wife of a King would be a constitutional nightmare. Marlene Koenig noted that Duchess Camilla will automatically become Queen Consort when Prince Charles ascends to the throne unless legislation is enacted by parliament to the contrary, which would require the House of Commons and the House of Lords and the legislative bodies of other Commonwealth realms to work to pass the legislation.

If such legislation was passed, the wives of future Kings would also be known as the Princess Consort unless the law is revoked. It would have meant that Kate Middleton would also be known as Princess Consort when her husband Prince William becomes King.

Duchess Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II
Duchess Camilla and Queen Elizabeth II. Chris Radburn - WPA Pool/Getty Images