Gamers who tuned in at BlizzCon 2019 over the weekend finally got a glimpse of "Diablo IV" as it was officially unveiled by Blizzard Entertainment. The developers presented the game with a gorgeous cinematic trailer that showcases the narrative of the new installment. It looks like players will be going up against Lilith this time around, which matches what the leaks suggested. On top of that, the developers revealed the first three classes to join the fight against hordes of demons. However, it seems that the game studio held back some details about the sequel.

Perhaps one of the questions people have about the upcoming action-RPG is the possibility of cross-play. Now that Microsoft, Nintendo, and just recently, Sony have become open to enabling inter-network multiplayer, this feature can massively enhance the gameplay experience. A report from PCGamesN suggests that it could be included in the game.

Allen Adham, "Diablo IV" executive producer, reportedly hinted at its inclusion. "We're very excited about cross-play," said Adham. "There are technical details and details to work through with first parties, but it's our goal to get to cross-play," he added.

I'm hoping #DiabloIV and #Overwatch2 finally joins the cross platform play life, I wanna play them on PC but still play with my PS4 buddies.

Get on this ASAP, @Blizzard_Ent!! 👏👏👏

— 👻Spooky Senpai👻 (@Rezzy_Senpai) November 2, 2019

From what sources can gather, the development team evidently wants to enable it for "Diablo IV." On the other hand, analysts have a positive outlook regarding the matter, given that most online-ready AAA titles support cross-play. Even though it is hinted by the devs, players have to wait until Blizzard Entertainment releases a statement related to it.

In the meantime, another aspect gamers want to know about is offline gameplay. GameSpot discusses the fact that "Diablo III" was essentially an online-only experience when it first launched for the PC. Other games from the company such as "Overwatch" and "World of Warcraft" require an internet connection to play. Nevertheless, console versions of the hack-and-slash role-playing game eventually added an offline mode.

Diablo IV apparently will be online only, because yes that went swimmingly with Diablo III when that released! 😂

— Sam Coles | Bristolian Gamer (@BristolianGamer) November 4, 2019

Unfortunately, "Diablo IV" lead designer Angela Del Priore confirms gameplay will be exclusively online. Moreover, although the game will support a solo run, players still need to be connected to servers for it to function. Blizzard Entertainment has yet to announce the release date and pricing for the latest entry to the long-running franchise.

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