Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom split after a year of dating Pascal Le Segretain/JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images

Orlando Bloom has opened up about his split from Katy Perry in a recent interview, revealing the Roar hitmaker and he are "friends" even after their break up.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star told Elle magazine that breakups happen, but "we're all grown-up" to deal with the situation. The former couple ended their one-year relationship in February.

"She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don't think anybody cares about what I'm up to. Nor should they. It's between us. It's better to set an example for kids and show that [breakups] don't have to be about hate," he said.

The British actor also pointed out that he can handle a breakup as he talked about his relationship with his former wife Miranda Kerr, with whom he shares a 6-year-old named Flynn. Bloom and Kerr married in 2010 and divorced in 2013.

"With Miranda, there was a sense that I don't want my son to go back through the internet where people made up lies. Miranda and I have a remarkable relationship," the actor said. "We co-parent really well."

Bloom also talked about his nude paddle boarding photos that surfaced on the internet last year. At the time, the actor joked about the photos on social media. He now admits it was "extremely surprising" to find out the naked photos all over the internet.

Bloom's modesty was papped when he was on a private vacation with then-girlfriend Perry. "I wouldn't have put myself in that position if I'd thought it would happen. I've been photographed a million times in a million different ways. I have a good radar. We'd been completely alone for five days – nothing around us. There was no way anyone could get anything," he said. "I had a moment of feeling free."

What's done is done. "What can I tell you?" Bloom said. "Note to self: You're never free. Ha!"