White House press secretary Sean Spicer may not be in one of his roles for much longer – with rumours circulating President Donald Trump is looking to replace him.

Spicer is currently working as press secretary and communications director, and the president is believed to have been unimpressed with Spicer's performance during his first weeks in the role.

The White House is said to be stepping up the search for a new communications director, as usually the roles are filled by two different people but in this case were handed to Spicer in a dual remit.

Spicer will remain as press secretary but will no longer hold the communications director role, CNN reported.

The press secretary, who has faced criticism for his attitude to the media and statements claiming Trump's inauguration was the "biggest inauguration crowd in history," was recommended for his role by Reince Priebus, in what has reportedly become a source of contention between Trump and Priebus.

A source told CNN: "Priebus vouched for Spicer and against Trump's instincts."

However, Trump "regrets it every day and blames Priebus," the source said.

Melissa McCarthy's Saturday Night Live impression of the press secretary is also said to have riled the president.

But another White House source has denied claims the president is unhappy with Spicer's work so far, and instead insisted Trump backs the press secretary.

There has been no word as yet on who the replacement communications director could be, and it is not clear whether Spicer is keen to give up one of his two roles.