Donny Osmond warned the Beckhams about Cruz
Music veteran Donny Osmond has warned David and Victoria Beckham to protect wannabe popstar son Cruz Getty / Instagram

Music veteran Donny Osmond has voiced his concern for fledgeling singer Cruz Beckham.

Last month saw Victoria and David Beckham's youngest son released his debut single If Every Day Was Christmas.

Although Cruz Beckham's efforts failed to reach the top 100, a second attempt is not out of the question for the 11-year-old who is being mentored by top music manager Scooter Braun.

Having risen to fame at a young age himself with hits including Puppy Love and Too Young, 59-year-old Donny has been where Cruz is.

Now in his fifth decade in the industry, he told Metro: "I started at five, and I think I handled it well. But I had a great family. It all depends on how the Beckhams handle it.

"It's a treacherous world if you just throw your child out there and let him go about his own business without any restrictions or guidelines. I think it's a fantastic business to be in if you can be successful and keep it all in perspective."

Osmond – who kicks off his UK tour in Brighton on Tuesday – elaborated: "I take the trash out. I mow the lawn, I do my own laundry and I clean the house. I don't have people do things for me because you've got to keep your feet on the ground."

Donny previously offered advice to Justin Bieber who is also managed by Braun.

After hitting the big time at age 15 with a squeaky clean image, the 22-year-old went through a period of rebellion.

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Recognising the Biebs' plight, Donny lamented to Closer Weekly back in 2013: "I'm just a normal guy, and Donny and Marie left me with such a wacky image.

"Since 'Puppy Love and Go Away Little Girl were such big records, I went through a period when I hated it.

"Justin Bieber is feeling the pains of this right now. Everyone thinks he's still the kid who sang Baby, but he's an adult, and he's rebelling to show people he's an adult."

He went on to advise the Canadian hit-maker to "just let it happen".

"You can't change history. When you hit it so big at such a young age, time freezes in people's minds.

Donny concluded: "You just have to live with the consequences until enough time goes by – 20 or 30 years, in my case. You get to a time when you end up embracing it."