Doom developers id Software have made the 2016 game's paid-for multiplayer add-ons free for all players and introduced a new progression system ahead of a free trial of the game running this weekend and starting today (20 July) on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The new patch brings the exhilarating reinvention of the classic shooter to version 6.66, and means that all players will have their progress wiped due to the new system for progression.

Old players will get a badge to indicate that they are veterans and can elect to keep some of their unlocked items if they wish.

Under the new system, players will have to complete challenges and meet requirements to level up and unlock new weapons and gear. The old system relied on random number generation to generate gear players could then upgrade.

Each of Doom's three downloadable content (DLC) packs has focused on expanding its multiplayer side. They've introduced nine new maps to the game as well as playable demon characters and new gear.

All of this has now been folded into the main game, bolstering the multiplayer portion of the game that has always been overshadowed by its blistering and unforgettable single-player campaign.

The free trial of Doom includes the first two levels of the single-player, everything in multiplayer and level creation suite SnapMap. Following the free trial players can carry over progress to the full game which they can buy for just £12.

Doom is absolutely worth £12.