Toby Brown
The amount of heroin recovered from Toby brown is worth as much as £7,500 Met Police

A drug dealer had to admit to possessing thousands of pounds' worth of heroin after an attempt to hide it "where the sun don't shine" messily backfired during arrest. Toby Brown, 19, of Woolwich, south east London, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Class As after he could no longer hold in the drugs he ingested while awaiting an X-ray at hospital.

Brown was initially sought by police in connection with a separate incident, but was arrested by officers after they suspected him of having concealed drugs on his person.

After he was taken into custody and sent for an X-ray, Brown soiled himself and revealed around 20-40 grams of suspected drugs. Police believe the amount of drugs Brown ingested could have a street value of as much as £7,500 ($9,900).

Brown pleaded guilty to the charges against him during an appearance at Bexley Magistrates Court on 25 August. He is due to be sentenced at a later date.

PC David Paine, from Greenwich Borough's Gangs Unit, said: "The designated Estates Team and Gangs Unit in Greenwich constantly work day and night to rid the streets of those who engage in preying vulnerable, supplying Class A drugs within the borough. Brown is hopefully facing a significant prison sentence for concealing a substantial amount of heroin that he would have dealt.

"He tried to avoid detection by hiding it internally, but it didn't work, and the court result proves we will get our hands dirty to ensure this type of activity stops. This is a clear and strong message to others who choose to live this lifestyle that they can be caught."