Colombian police have released footage of officers arresting four male suspects accused of robbery as shots are fired in a video taken by a GoPro camera worn on the head of one of the officers. The film shows the moment police pull up in front of a car with the gang inside, who were supposedly making their getaway after fleeing a home they had just burgled.

Shots can be heard in the footage as police get out of their vehicle and demand the suspects get out of their own car and onto the ground. The officer wearing the GoPro is then seen checking on a neighbour of the burglary victim while the other officers take the suspects into custody.

Barranquilla Police Commander Juan Carlos Nieto said the operation was a success and that the victims, two elderly women, were not hurt.

"They were able to capture four criminals and everything they had stolen at the residence. There were two elderly women there who fortunately were unharmed," Nieto said.

The men who were aged 21, 22, 29 and 33, were charged with aggravated robbery and possession of illegal weapons. At least one of the suspects has a record of previous arrests for similar crimes.