A panicked California mother raced out of a convenience store to see a carjacker speed off in her vehicle with her two young daughters still inside.

A dramatic security video shows the mom sprinting after the carjacker as he pulls out of the parking lot. As the car nears the exit her two girls, 10 and 2 years old, tumble out of the back door of the Acura TL. They suffered minor cuts but were otherwise unharmed, reports the Los Angeles Times.

It was the 10-year-old who made a snap decision to bolt, grabbed her sister and jumped from the moving vehicle, said police.

The mother had just filled her car with gas and left the engine running as she went into the convenience store to pay the bill when the carjacking occurred.

Redlands police are seeking a man who was caught on security footage inside the store just minutes before the carjacking. The man identified in the video is wanted on suspicion of auto theft and attempted kidnapping.