Drawn to Death PS4
The game's distinct art style on show in artwork for the new game. The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency

Sony has announced that upcoming indie arena shooter Drawn to Death will be released for PS4 on 4 April, and will be made available for free to active PlayStation Plus subscribers.

In the month of April, PS+ members will be able to download and keep the game, which has been developed by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency (that's the name of the studio).

With God of War and Twisted Metal veteran David Jaffe leading development, Drawn to Death is part-old school shooter, part-fighting game, with a visual design based on the detailed doodles of a creative teenager drawing in a notebook.

"Drawn To Death, as you may know, is the 3rd person hybrid shooter/brawler that takes place entirely inside the pages of a high school kid's notebook," wrote Jaffe on the PlayStation Blog.

"All of the kid's creative drawings come to life and battle it out in this highly competitive, fast-paced online action game. Besides the surprisingly tactical combat, unique over-the-top levels and fantastically deep characters, there's a lot more to Drawn To Death that we haven't really talked about."

He then details a few of the game's features, revealing that there will be 15 missions for each of the six playable characters available when the game is released. In addition to this are "Sphinx missions", described as "battle-focused riddles" that reward players with new missions or weapons.

"Mystery Boxes" offer new weapons and taunts and are earned through play: at first by completing three online matches, and then for every 150 kills. These have microtransactions written all over them, so expect the final game to also ask players to fork up.

If you want to see the game in action, we've embedded a couple of its trailers below. There will also be a livestream tonight (15 March) at 10pm GMT, during which the developers will show off the game and its newly-announced features.

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