An exotic male dancer has been forced to perform his stripper routine for a court as he faces charges of allegedly groping a bride-to-be at her hen do.

According to The Mirror, Romanian model Florin Haiduc, 28, span around in circles and wiggled his bottom from the witness box at Wood Green Crown Court, north London, while demonstrating how he teases women during his three-minute performances.

He made a grinding motion as Judge John Dodd, QC, and the jury watched intently, then apologised for his erotic moves, saying: "I'm sorry, guys."

Haiduc is accused of assaulting the woman and her friend while performing private dances at the For Your Eyes Only strip club, in Moorgate, central London.

Haiduc claimed he brushed the outside of the girls' underwear with his hands during the dances but never sexually assaulted them.

Appearing at Wood Green Crown Court on the 12 June, Haiduc explained: "I went in with the first girl and said "How are you doing? Are you having a good night?"

"She opened her legs and just smiled. 'I said "someone had a good night!"

"I did a lot of turns around her. Usually I turn to sit on the lap and when you get too low you just come up because it is all about teasing.

"l was brushing her legs inside and brushing her legs outside, and then - I'm not going to lie - I did brush her underwear. It is just a quick brush. I didn't hold my hand on her underwear.

"Then I was on the wall touching myself. The customer brushed her hand over my chest.

"She squeezed my groin area and I said "woah, usually you're not allowed to go that far."

"But I didn't want to make it awkward so I just laughed and she laughed.

"She said "Oh come on, don't be boring!"'

Speaking last week in court, the bride-to-be's friend told jurors she could not remember if Haiduc had sat on her during any stage of the dance but she admitted that she touched his chest and stomach, and scratched his back.

The bride-to-be wept form behind a screen and said she 'froze' during the assault.

It emerged that she did have her hands on his hips during the dance in a private booth and that she did not try to pull her skirt down after Haiduc lifted it up.

According to Simon Bailey, manager of the Dreamboys, there is a strict touching policy between dancers and the guests.

Haiduc, of St Katherine's Way, Wapping, had denied both counts of sexual assault. The trial continues.