Dog walking with Drones
Dog-walking with Drones Vimeo

Step into the future ... this could be the norm in years to come as you jog around the block - dogs being walked by a drone.

New York City-based videographer Jeff Myers thought it would be fun to programme an AR drone to take his golden retriever for a walk.

As you'll see the dog, on the video uploaded to Vimeo below, seems to be enjoying the experience – oblivious to his new robotic master.

"Goldens are really well-trained and I think she was freaked out enough by what was happening that she just went along with it," Myers said.

The drone was monitoring where the dog was walking and checked in on occasions to see if it was okay.

Myers added: "The long-term vision was, what if we could make every part of Manhattan have a bike lane and a dog lane—and then you'd have these drones tied to them who could go walk your dog to your mother who lives on the Upper West Side.

"Wouldn't that be cool?"

Could well be. Watch this space Manhattan.