Russian Plane Fight
A screengrab from a video of the incident. CEN

An apparently drunk individual has been filmed violently throwing another man into a seat aboard a packed plane, in an altercation believed to have been started after the man being thrown mocked the long hair of his fellow passenger.

In the footage (via Mirror Online) the two are seen shouting at each other in Russian before the long-haired man in a white t-shirt grabs his foe by the throat and throws him into a seat. He then pins him down and pushes his other hand into the victim's face before walking away.

He then reportedly demands that pilots land the plane so he can continue the fight on the ground.

The unnamed man was ignored and later arrested. He could face charges for causing a disturbance on an aircraft and potentially posing a risk to fellow passengers and the crew.

The incident took place on local Russian flight between the city of Vladivostok and the capital Moscow, with footage making its way onto Twitter and YouTube.

Mirror Online reports that two Twitter users, the first of which was called Dima Galich, said: "Whatever he drank obviously gave him some courage. You can tell that he would be a coward without it."

The other, Ashot Sarkisyan, said: "He is an idiot, he'll be whining that it wasn't him in court, and insisting that he has children."