passenger on flight drying an underwear
Youtube screengrab shows an unidentified woman holding up a white underwear above her head under the air vento of a plane to ensure it is fully dried Facebook video grab

High up in the air and her biggest worry was a wet underwear. A female passenger on board a Ural Airlines flight to Moscow gave a shock to her co-passengers when she held a white knicker under the overheard air vent to dry it up.

According to the Daily Mail, the unidentified woman kept drying the underwear for about 20 minutes, oblivious to the embarrassment her action was causing to her fellow passengers.

A video filmed of her actions on board a packed flight from Antalya, Turkey to the Russian city, has gone viral with people speculating if the piece of clothing belonged to the woman or a child. Many other condemned her act, saying the place was inappropriate.

"Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent," Daily Mail quoted one of the passengers as saying.

One social media user joked: "Maybe the take-off was sort of extreme, so now she has to dry those."

One person who suspected the knicker belonged to a child, said: "Those aren't ones of an adult. Looks like they belong to a kid."

Another person wrote: "This is not the worst thing in the modern world", apparently referring to other shocking activities that take place on a flight.

Recently, a Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam had to make an emergency landing in Vienna after a passenger, farting uncontrollably inside the plane, got into a fight with a fellow passenger.

The latest viral video came just a week after video of a young child throwing massive tantrum on an eight-hour flight went viral. The video taken by Shane Townley, a New York City artist, showed a 3-year-old boy climbing on seats, running through aisles, and screaming on top of his lungs. Townley even described the boy as a "demonic child".

Last year in June, a video showing a female passenger romping with a stranger on a Ryanair flight had gone viral, with the woman later describing the act as a "lap dance".