The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are already making its way into the hands of reviewers and influencers to generate enough publicity before it launches on Nov. 10. Sony, on the other hand, is once again silent as there have been no marketing attempts to promote the PS5 after its most recent showcase and preorder disaster. However, it appears the company might have already started shipments of the console to its partners as close-up images of the DualSense have found their way to social media.

A report from Tom's Guide points out an Instagram post from an Argentinian video game accessory manufacturer Evzen. Looking at the photos, it reveals previously unknown details about the PS5's fancy new controller. Earlier this week, the gaming industry was also surprised to learn about Travis Scott's post wherein it alluded that he is now in possession of the game system. He was reportedly showing off the gamepad which included a caption that read: "I will be playing until the sun is up."

One of the interesting elements about the DualSense controller is the attention to detail Sony's designers have imbued on the item. Most people will not spot it right away, but will likely feel that the surface is slightly rougher than that of the DualShock 4. Zooming in reveals that there are tiny PlayStation symbols scattered randomly across the shell. These are supposedly more visible along the rubber section of the grips. This probably makes it easier to hold even with sweaty hands as some gamers have personally experienced.

What follows are the analogue sticks of the DualSense. These are also adorned with textures, but the edges are especially notable with tri-point stars – akin to that of the Mercedes-Benz emblem -- that overlap each other. Next up are the main face buttons, which now have the square, cross, triangle, and circle icons in grey instead of colours. These along with the directional buttons are the only glossy accents on the gamepad, while the rest of the surfaces have a matte finish.

Sony unveils the DualSense controller for PS5
The DualSense comes in a dual-tone white and black shell, which could be a hint of the console's colour scheme when it launches. Photo: Sony

The PS5 is scheduled to ship on Nov. 12 for the United States, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. The rest of the world will have by Nov. 19. Sony already confirmed that it will produce more units to make up for the preorder fiasco. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch globally on Nov. 10.