Two Egyptian men have been arrested in Dubai for a selfie they took in front of a burning hotel on New Year's Eve. The Address Hotel in Dubai captured international headlines when it went up in flames hours before the city launched its New Year's Eve celebrations.

After posting the picture on social media, the two were criticised for mocking the situation. Reports say the men have been arrested and are to face deportation. Lawyers have said the men could face prison time and a fine of between 500,000- 1m Emirati Dirhams (£93,000-£186,364).

No-one was killed in the fire at the 63-storey building but 60 people were injured, with one suffering a heart attack.

A couple were similarly criticised on the night of the fire for taking what was deemed to be the "most inappropriate selfie ever" of the two of them smiling together with the burning hotel in the background.

The UAE is a conservative country with laws that criminalise many forms of dissent, something that is often denounced. The treatment of migrant workers is another issue that draws international condemnation.