black mamba
A man in Durban survived an attack by a black mamba and managed to kill the snake Herman Pijpers/Flickr

A man in Durban, South Africa, has survived a bite from one of the world's most venomous snakes after the reptile entered his home and took refuge under his daughter's bed. The black mamba was first spotted by Anesh Ramrathan's wife, Asmitha, under the sink at their home.

According to The Times, they spotted the snake slithered into the bedroom. The wife soon took the child out of the room, while the man searched for the reptile. "The snake was coiled up. My wife grabbed our daughter and took her out the room. I took a stick and hit the snake. That's when it became fierce. It bit me on my arm through my shirt. It was so quick, I didn't even notice the bite at first," the man was quoted as saying.

He killed the snake and then burnt it outside his house, but once he returned, he started feeling thirsty and felt a stinging sensation on his arm. It was then that he realised the snake had bitten him.

"Anesh became very drowsy. He was frothing at the mouth and battling to breathe," the wife recounted the horrifying moments. He was taken to a hospital, was administered anti-venom and placed on drips. Although his life was saved, he is still struggling to walk and breathe.

Meanwhile, Nick Evans, a snake catcher from Durban said that he has received a number of calls from people in residential areas to capture black mambas that normally breed in April and May. He was of the view that the venomous snakes are exceedingly getting in contact with humans as more than normal rainfall and floods are pushing them into residential areas.

Black mambas are extremely poisonous and are found in abundance in South Africa. A person bitten by the reptile can die within an hour if proper medication is not provided to the victim.