Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson feels sorry that Rob Gronkowski will miss Super Bowl 2017 Getty

Dwayne Johnson is yet to reveal the team he is rooting for in Super Bowl 2017 but he definitely feels sorry for Rob Gronkowski who will miss playing for his team, the New England Patriots. This year, the Patriots play against the Atlanta Falcons and the American football tight end will miss the action because of a back surgery.

The 44-year-old former WWE wrestler is meeting his football heroes in a seven-part series that will air throughout the game, which will be played on 5 February. In an Instagram video of his meeting with Gronkowski, Johnson said Gronk (as he is famously known) could have set a record in the Super Bowl if he had a chance to play.

"If my brotha @gronk didn't have back surgery 8 weeks ago, he would've played this Sunday for his Patriots and broke the GOAT Jerry Rice's SUPER BOWL record (3 touchdown receptions). His prediction wasn't "4 touchdowns". it was "Like 20 touchdowns". Spoken like a real G," The Rock wrote in the caption of a video he posted on the image sharing website.

The Fast and the Furious actor recalled his own sports injuries when he touched upon Gronk's two previous herniated disks injuries. "We had a good chat off camera about our back injuries and the hard work you gotta put in to recover. Like Gronk, when I was playing football, I had 3 herniated discs that eventually led to 2 disc ruptures — which is the equivalent of smashing 2 jelly donuts. Fun pain. This all happened my senior season at Miami and caused me to get passed up in the NFL Draft. Injuries happen," he added.

Johnson is preparing to promote his film Baywatch during the upcoming NFL match which is one of the most highly watched games in the US. While reminiscing about his football days, the actor revealed that he was defeated by NFL legend Warren Sapp during his senior year.

"As does a guy named Warren Sapp beating me out my senior year for our defensive tackle spot. He went on to become an NFL Hall Of Famer and one of the greatest defensive players of all time."