A grandfather who was dying of cancer was able to say goodbye to his beloved dog after nurses helped the pooch sneak into hospital.

Ellie Miguel posted a photo online of the Yorkie mix, Lil Fee, being sneakily carried in a huge handbag with another picture showing the beautiful reunion with grandfather David King at a Missouri hospital.

The 17-year-old wrote on Twitter: "My grandpa is losing his battle with cancer so the nurses helped my grandma sneak their dog into the hospital to say goodbye."

Miguel told Yahoo Lifestyle: "My grandpa loved his dog Lil Fee; she would follow him around everywhere. He would bring her everywhere he could."

So, of course, it was only right that King was able to say goodbye to Lil Fee, as man's best friend, before he sadly passed away around a day later.

Miguel's grandmother hung up photos of the dog during her husband's week-long stay in hospital, but the nurses on their ward noticed and helped them go a step further and smuggle the pet in using a big handbag.

She said: "The nurses always heard my grandma talking about Lil Fee. So they encouraged her and helped her get the dog in. They had my aunt carry the dog in a really big purse."

Emotionally, King moved his arm for the first time that day in attempts to pet his dog, Yahoo Lifestyle reported. "It was a moment I'll never forget," Miguel said.

IBTimes UK has reached out to Miguel for further comment.