Chris Evans
Chris Evans walks the red carpet at the 89th Academy Awards - File photo REUTERS/Mike Blake

Chris Evan's dog looks like he is preparing to audition for the live-action remake of The Lion King. The Captain America actor shared a video of his pooch Dodger crooning along to The Lion Sleeps Tonight, a song by South African singer Solomon Linda that features in the 1994 animated movie.

"This is Dodger's stuffed lion. He loves it. He brings it everywhere," Evans wrote alongside the video which he posted on Twitter. "If you press it's paw, it sings. Today, Dodger decided to join in."

True to form, every time the song starts to play, the four-legged fur ball kicked off his own rendition and, while many fans of the actor gushed at how adorable the whole performance was, others were distracted by a particular voice in the background.

A woman's voice can be heard laughing along with Evans before saying, "It's like magic."

Many suspected that the person behind the scenes is the actor's rumoured on-again girlfriend Jenny Slate, who starred with Evans in Gifted.

"That sounded like a Jenny Slate giggle," one person commented on the video, which then triggered a lengthy discussion regarding the celebrity couple's current status.

The couple broke up in February but were spotted grabbing dinner together in Atlanta recently along with some of the 36-year-old Avengers star's cast mates.

They also exchanged flirty messages on Twitter last month, triggered by a discussion about the theme song of the Mash TV show.

"The theme song to Mash stresses me out," Evans wrote. "The Pavlovian response is that it's time to go to bed and I probably haven't done my homework."

Slate responded by chided him for procrastinating. "'Probably haven't'???? Cmon, Christopher. Have you done your homework or haven't you? It's 7pm and you've had the whoooole weekend. Cmon," she wrote.

The public conversation continued, with the Fantastic Four star asking her to write him a note. "Let's cut class!" he teased.

"This is terrifying and exhilarating. Meet me behind the gym after science. I have shark bites," the 35-year-old Zootopia actress added.

Jenny Slate
Jenny Slate at an event - File photo Kevork Djansezian/Reuters