Sir James Dyson Challenges EU in Court
Sir James Dyson's Dyson has unveiled plans to double the size of its Malmesbury headquarters

Innovative vacuum manufacturer Dyson has announced plans to expand its Wiltshire-based science and research centre to twice its current size.

It is applying for permission to build a research and development centre next to its Malmesbury headquarters, worth up to £250m (€304.1m, $420.4m).

If the planning permission is given, the development is expected to create up to 3,000 jobs, and will be the firm's largest expansion in its 20-year lifespan. Dyson currently employs roughly 1,000 people at its headquarters.

The new building will include research and development laboratories, a café, a sports centre and a 600-space car park.

"We are extremely pleased to have this major technology-related investment in the town," Mayor John Gundry told the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald.

"This is a big prize and it will do a very great deal to secure jobs in Malmesbury and it will do a great deal to establish Malmesbury and the whole area, and I must stress it is also the whole area, as an attractive destination for technology companies, and what's wrong with that?

"A large number of consistent measures have been taken to mitigate traffic congestion in the town."

Dyson has also been in the news recently as Sir James Dyson, founder of the company, has revealed plans to create a floating vacuum cleaner, which can be used on rivers to clean up rubbish blocking waterways.