Square Enix has revealed new gameplay from Kingdom Hearts 3, the third title in its beloved Disney-flavoured Japanese RPG. The game remains in development with no news regarding a release window.

As it is, the status of Kingdom Hearts is unchanged from when it as first revealed at E3 2013. You can watch the latest trailer below.

The footage begins with Riku playing chess and talking about the Keyblade War. We cut to footage of the combat system in action before a montage of gameplay footage from various parts of the huge role-playing game.

Series protagonist Sora shows off some new attacks in the trailer, including one based on the famous spinning teacup ride from Disneyland.

Members of the Disney Animation Studios team were on hand prior to the new trailer's reveal to announce a new world based on the film Tangled will form part of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Alongside Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix also revealed Kingdom Hearts Unchained, a mobile title intended to bridge the gap and lead into the plot of its console cousin. With a stylised art style, Unchained looks to be a more traditional RPG in the style of the Super Nintendo titles that Square made its name with.

At this stage, Kingdom Hearts 3 is listed as "in development" for PS4 and Xbox One. More information is expected later in 2015, possibly at Tokyo Game Show.

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