Super Mario Bros

More details regarding Wii U title Mario Maker – now called Super Mario Maker – have been revealed by Nintendo during their digital event at E3 2015. The game will allow players to create and share their own Mario platformer levels.

You can watch the video below...

The video shows Shigeru Miyamoto with some of the original design documents from the first Super Mario Bros game, released in 1985. He talks about how he and his team would design a level on paper first.

As time went on and the series continued, Nintendo developed an internal tool for instant playback and have now decided to make it available to players in the form of Super Mario Maker.

Super Mario Maker had its first public demonstration during Nintendo's pre-E3 World Championships held on Sunday 14 June. The incredible flexibility of the engine showcased some of the insanely inventive creations already being made in the game.

There are also new features to use as well as classic enemies and environment furniture, such as a new stiletto power-up, a more S&M-flavoured version of Super Mario Land 3's famed shoe.

Nintendo also demonstrated Super Mario Maker's Amiibo support, turning Mario into whatever compatible character amiibo you tapped onto the controller – from Link to Wii Fit Trainer.

Released 11 September, Super Mario Maker will be available exclusively on Wii U.

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