Jessie Wallace Eastenders
Jessie Wallace in Eastenders BBC

Eastenders star Jessie Wallace, 46 was attacked by fans in The Partridge Pub in Bromley, South London on Thursday (7 December), it has been reported.

Wallace, who played Kat Slater in the long-running BBC soap, was apparently "very shaken" by the disturbing incident where two fans started throwing glasses at her.

Wallace was at the pub with her co-performers of the Churchill Theatre pantomime, where the actor is currently playing the role of the Wicked Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Two drunk fans then approached her. When she refused to give them autographs, they started hurling glasses at Wallace. Soon the police had to be called in order to break up the brawl.

Reporter Lesley Ashmall, who was at the scene when the violent attack took place, said: "There was a nice atmosphere until these two drunks were asking Jessie for a photograph. They were hassling her for a photo and she said no because they were too drunk."

Ashmall revealed that the assault began when Wallace turned down their request.

"They must have broken six glasses, then they smashed the actor who was playing Nurse Nancy. After that they ran out of the pub," said Ashmall.

While Wallace came out unscathed from the frenzied clash, actor Jason Sutton was apparently left "needing stitches".

Ashmall added: "The police and the ambulance came. I'm surprised nobody was worse off, they started chucking glasses at her. She [Wallace] was furious with what happened."

After the incident Wallace's representative issued a statement sating: "Although very shaken by the intrusion into her private time with her family and friends, Jessie is looking forward to being back on stage in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs today."

The incident took place last night around 8.20pm GMT. Less than 24 hours later, Wallace and Sutton both performed at the theatre.

The police have not made any arrests so far and investigations are ongoing.