EasyJet flight
An easyJet flight from Manchester to Marrakech was evacuated following a bomb threat Reuters

An easyJet flight has been evacuated at Manchester airport following a bomb hoax, after a passenger claimed to have explosives in his bag. Passengers were asked to disembark after the plane's captain alerted police to the potential threat.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that the EZY1893 flight, bound for Marrakech, Morocco, was evacuated at 3.30pm as security checks were carried out.

Authorities say no devices have yet been found. Two men were detained at the scene.

"The aircraft was immediately evacuated and two men, aged 45 and 46, were arrested on suspicion of making a bomb hoax," a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said.

"The passengers and their baggage are now being subjected to another security screening before they are allowed back on the plane. The searches and security checks are on-going and no explosive devices have so far been found."

A spokesman for easyJet said: "The safety and security of its passengers and crews is always easyJet's highest priority and we would like to thank passengers for their understanding."

According to Sky News Manchester Airport said staff are "working closely with the airline and third parties to look after all passengers until they can continue with their journey. At all times the safety and security of our passengers and staff is of paramount importance," a spokesperson said.

Earlier today, an Air France plane from Paris to San Francisco performed a u-turn over the English Channel and returned to France. Airport passengers were told all flights between Paris and the US had been cancelled after terrorists took 170 people hostage in Mali.