Blizzard Entertainment finally revealed hero number 32 for "Overwatch" which was exactly who fans speculated. After her first official appearance albeit in a quick segment with Jesse McCree in the animated short titled "Reunion," Echo made her official debut last week. Her origin story was followed by a developer update wherein lead designer Jeff Kaplan talked about how the character came to be and more. Now, he confirms that she will be the last one for now until the sequel comes out.

Echo is currently not accessible for those on the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. However, those on PC who have access to the PTR can try her out right now. Majority of people previously expected that she will be a support class hero. However, it turned out that the game studio already intended to make her a DPS instead.

So far, her abilities and Ultimate are still subject to some adjustments. The most recent one reportedly nerfs her movement speed while she is airborne. Shortly after her announcement, Kaplan noted during the developer update that they plan to keep her in the PTR longer than those that came before her. For now, a number of "Overwatch" players feel that her ultimate ability is too powerful as of the moment.

Meanwhile, Dexerto notes that Kaplan said the new DPS hero is the last one "for now," which implies that there will be more down the line. Technically, gamers will not be getting new content for the meantime as work on the next installment picks up the pace.

"We know how much people love new heroes. We're making new heroes for 'Overwatch 2.' There is development happening, but we don't want people's expectations in the wrong place ⁠— for now, we will not be getting another 'Overwatch' hero," according to the Blizzard Entertainment's vice president.

'Overwatch' welcomes Echo as hero number 32
Right now, Echo is only playable in the "Overwatch" PTR for PC because the developers still need to make some adjustments to her balance and gameplay. Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

"Overwatch" lead character artist Renaud Galand recently shared in an interview that the dev team originally had plans to release more heroes after Echo. Unfortunately, with "Overwatch 2" ramping up production, everything has been shelved until further notice. Finally, fans who have been petitioning for additional support and tank heroes are likely to see more when the sequel becomes available.