Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran auctioned off his outfit from the 2015 Grammy Awards to raise money for a charity store in his home town Robyn Beck/Getty

This week is not turning out so great for music lovers, as swiftly after One Direction announce that they will be taking a break in the very near future, rumours emerge that Ed Sheeran will be doing the same, beginning next month. However, fans can't stay mad at him for long as the Thinking Out Loud singer intends to spend his time working with local charities – in particular the Sue Ryder shop in his hometown in Suffolk during his hiatus, according to an insider.

Ahead of donating his time to the shop, Sheeran is also in early discussions to set up a youth centre in Framlingham, where he was raised, stressing how important they are to children today and claiming that it was only because of a youth club that he became involved with music.

Talking to The Mirror, manager of Sue Ryder, Jacqui Bell stated: "There's a good possibility he will volunteer here. We'd welcome him. My volunteers, who are aged between 61 and 91, know Ed because he was brought up in the town. They would be fine working with him.

"He purchased the old police station to open up a youth club for £1million, so he'll also be helping there when it's up and running. I think he will draw the youngsters into our shop which would be good for us."

I think he will draw the youngsters into our shop which would be good for us
- Jacqui Bell, Sue Ryder shop manager

This isn't the first time that the Sing hitmaker has been involved with charitable causes. Over the years, he has given away his entire wardrobe to raise money for numerous local organisations and similarly in early 2015, he auctioned off the outfit that he wore to the Grammy Awards for the same reason.

Explaining on Twitter at the time, the 24-year-old wrote: "Given my whole wardrobe to a bunch of charity shops. All stuff worn on shoots, videos and live. Stuff ranging from the Ralph hoodies, Fenchurch T-shirts and Nike trainers." It was the Elizabeth Hospice charity shop (also in Sheeran's hometown) that benefited when they received all eight items that he wore that night.

It has also recently been reported that the singer-songwriter, who is evidently still heavily connected to the place in which he grew up, will receive a honorary degree from the University Campus Suffolk.