One Direction
The single Drag Me Down reached number one on the iTunes chart in less than an hour, making it the fastest ever record to climb the list Syco Records

One Direction continue to make "firsts" since Zayn Malik's departure back in March, as they unexpectedly drop the official music video for Drag Me Down for their fans on Twitter. Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne were the first ones in the band to share the video, with Niall Horan and Harry Styles jumping on the bandwagon to promote their new music video just a little later.

The group teamed up with Nasa, filming at the Space Center in Houston, Texas to shoot the video that seems to be full of symbolism for the song's meaning. As the boys sing "nobody can drag me down", we literally see them zooming upwards in a rocket, besides you can't really be held down if there's no such thing as gravity.

Tomlinson showed his gratitude towards his fans, accompanying the video with the words: "Thank you for all your amazing support on this single." Meanwhile, Payne voiced his excitement about working with at the Space Center: "We shot our new video at @NASA!" Styles kept it short and sweet by just posting the link to the video and Horan hoped that fans would "love it."

They previously unveiled the song in a similar way, unexpectedly uploading it for the whole world to listen to on each of their Twitter accounts back at the start of August. Inevitably down to the fans' shock at getting a new song (as if it wasn't going to do well anyway), the track blew up, reaching the number one spot on the iTunes less than hour after it was released, making it the fastest single ever to do so. It also ended up topping Spotify and Billboard.

Since going solo, Malik has wished the boys well on their continued success without him, even tweeting the band when they released the track on 1 August: "Proud of my boys the new single is sick. Big love. :) x." After the former bandmember gave his seal of approval on their first song without him, what will he think about the new video?